The Dutchmans Puzzle Quilt Block

The Dutchmans puzzle quilt block is a variation of the flying geese pattern.

You can sew the flying geese using the half square triangle method or actually sewing the triangles on the geese. For this pattern, we will use the half square triangles only because they are easier for the beginner quilter.

To complete one block for a sampler quilt:

Dutchmans Puzzle
Block size: 8 inches

Fat quarter fabric in three colors
(green, brown and tan )

Step 1 - Use the rotary cutting techniques.

Cut 4 patches 3 ½” square from each of the green and brown fabrics.
Cut 8 patches 3 ½” square from the tan fabric.

Step 2 - Use the half square triangle method.

Place one 3 ½” square of green fabric and one 3 ½” square of the tan fabric, right sides together. Draw a line on the diagonal on the lighter fabric from one corner to the opposite corner. Stitch ¼” on each side of the marked line.

Cut on the drawn line with your rotary cutter or scissors to separate the square into triangles.

Fold open the square and press the seam allowances toward the darker fabric. Using your plastic ruler, trim the square to be 2 ½”. Be sure to use the 45 degree angle on your ruler.

You will need a total of 8 half square triangles measuring 2 ½” from the green/tan fabrics.

Repeat this procedure with the brown and tan fabric.

You will need a total of 8 half square triangles measuring 2 ½” from the brown/tan fabrics.

Step 3 - Sew two green half square triangles together to complete one flying geese unit.

Step 4- Repeat sewing two half square triangles from the green fabric together for each flying geese unit for a total of 4 completed units in green.

Step 5 - Repeat the same procedure with the brown fabric, completing 4 flying geese units.

Step 6 - Sew one brown flying geese unit to one green flying geese unit, with the point lined up in the same direction.

Complete sewing the remaining flying geese units in the same way until you have 4 squares with two flying geese units each.

Step 7 - Sew row one - two flying gees units. Be sure to rotate the flying geese as shown in the picture.

Step 8 - Sew row two - two flying geese units. Be sure to rotate the flying geese units again.

Step 9 - Sew the rows together to complete the Dutchmans puzzle quilt block.

The Dutchmans puzzle quilt block gives us a twist on the flying geese. Rotate the geese and the colors you choose.

See if there are different color choices that could change the look you want to create.

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