Ideas For Quilting

For The Beginner

Creating something from nearly nothing is a great pleasure for a quilter.

What catches your eye when you walk through a quilt show?

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder but it is still fun to walk through a quilt show with your friends, talking about each and every detail of the quilts. You can dream about how much fun it would be to make one of your own in your favorite pattern.

Even though you might not agree on which quilt is the "best of show", you will still be dazzled and inspired by the talent and creativity of the quilt makers.

WARNING!! Quilt making is addictive!

Quilt making is a passion that is a gift to us like planting those seeds is to a gardener. An interest in quilts can be the magic carpet that takes you on a trip around the world.

What is quilting?

Technically speaking, Quilting is a series of small, straight stitches which forms the quilting design.

Does it feel like there is so much to learn about quilting?

Does it sound like it would be too hard?

Where do the ideas for quilting come from?

I hope to challenge you with how to make a quilt instructions, beginner quilt patterns, ideas for quilting, projects and techniques that will inspire you to join the quilting family.

Many quilt blocks are traditional and have been around for many years. The traditional quilt patterns and the new variations on the old favorite block patterns are the most popular of all quilt patterns. The variation of quilt blocks use simple shapes to build complex looking quilts.

The ideas for quilting are unlimited.

There are so many quilt patterns out there it is hard to know where to begin your first qullt. There are the traditional or antique quilt patterns such as the log cabin quilt patterns, Jacob’s ladder, wedding ring pattern, broken dishes and the nine patch just to name a few.

Color is the key to turning triangles, rectangles, diamonds, circles and squares of fabric into works of art.

If you are already a part of the quilting family and have made a “scrap quilt”, please send me a picture of your work. I would like to share your accomplishments with our friends.

The hardest part is trying to decide on which quilt pattern to do first. So let’s try a few beginner quilt patterns together.

Just remember…… A quilt is the dazzling result of your efforts.


New information will be added to this site on a regular basis. Please visit often.

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Easy Machine Piecing
Easy machine piecing instructions for quick and easy quilting and piecing including the nine patch .
Easy Machine Quilting
Basic quilting insructions for the beginning quilter for easy machine quilting.
Hand Quilting
Basic hand quilting instructions for the beginner quilter.
The Quilting Seam Allowance
The beginner easy quilting seam allowance guarantees successful quilting projects.
Pressing for Easy Machine Piecing
Pressing for Easy Machine Piecing for the beginner quilter.
Layering the Quilt
Layering the quilt instructions, how to complete the nine patch block pattern,
Quilt Basting Your Project
Quilt basting the layers of your quilt project with safety pins is a good idea, especially if you plan to do any easy machine quilting.
Quilt Batting
Quilt batting accentuates your quilting. How does a beginner quilter choose?
Marking the Quilt for Easy Machine Quilting
Marking the quilt for easy machine quilting.
Quick and Easy Quilting Ideas
Quilters are always looking for quick and easy quilting ideas. All you need is a little imagination, some fabric and a sewing machine.
Making Time for Quilting Projects
There is never enough time to get everything done. Making time for quilting projects requires us to be more organized..
Rotary Cutting Tips
Rotary cutting tips to make life easier for any quilter.
Basic Quilting Instructions
Stitching a design on a quilt is what makes a quilt a quilt. Basic Quilting Instructions to get you started.
Strip Piecing
By adding strip piecing and other techniques in your quilt making, you will be amazed at the things you can accomplish.
Chain Piecing
Quick and easy quilting techniques include chain piecing and the rotary cutting tools.
Making Quick Piecing Half Square Triangles
Make quick piecing half square triangles for quick and easy quilting projects.
Quick Piecing Quarter Square Triangles
Quick piecing quarter square triangles make it easy for the beginner to learn the basics of quilting.
Nine Patch Quilt Block
The basic nine patch quilt block is the building block for quick and easy quilting ideas.
Free Quilt Block Patterns
Free quilt block patterns for quilters of all skill levels with full instructions and pictures.
A Quilt Label for Handmade Quilts
Add a quilt label to your quilt today. They come in all different styles and mediums to choose from.
Tips and Techniques for Quick and Easy Quilts
Tips and techniques for quick and easy quilts.
Quilting Glossary
The quilting glossary is your guide to help with the basic quilting instructions.
Standard Mattress Size
When you know the standard mattress size, you are off to a good start on desgning a quilt.
Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
Contact Me
Please contact me with questions or comments about quilting.
Crosshatch Quilting
The crosshatch quilting pattern is so easy for the beginner to learn. Complete instructions for the beginner.
Enhanced Quilting
The enhanced quilting design is a version of quilting in the ditch.
Terms and Condition
The terms and conditions.