The Jewel Box Quilt Block

The jewel box quilt block starts with a four patch block but when you put 4 blocks together is when you really make the pattern of the jewel box.

Can you just imagine how you would feel if your Grandmother gave you a jewel box quilt?

This is a simple pattern that uses half square triangles and strip piecing. Try it. You will be surprised at how simple it really is.

To complete one block for a sampler quilt:

Block size:
4 inches (for the 4 patch block)
8 inches (for the finished block)

Fat quarter fabric in two colors
(purple and white)

Step 1 - Use the rotary cutting techniques.

Cut 4 patches 3½” square from the purple fabric.

Cut 4 patches 3½” square from the white fabric.
Cut 1 strip 1½”x 24” from the purple fabric.
Cut 1 strip 1½”x 24” from the white fabric.

Step 2 - Use the half square triangle method.

Place one 3½” square of purple fabric and one 3½” square of white fabric, right sides together. Draw a line on the diagonal on the lighter fabric from one corner to the opposite corner. Stitch ¼” on each side of the marked line.

Cut on the drawn line with your rotary cutter or scissors to separate the square into triangles.

Fold open the square and press the seam allowances toward the darker fabric. Using your plastic ruler, trim the square to be 2½”. Be sure to use the 45 degree angle on your ruler. Complete 8 purple/white half square triangles.

Step 3 - Using the strip piecing method, sew the purple 24” strip to the white 24” strip, right sides together. Press the seam allowance towards the darker fabric. Use a ruler and rotary cutter to sub-cut the strip into 1½“ patches. Make sure you align the ruler with the seam line of the strip set to be sure your cuts are straight. (The patch will be down x 2½” across -purple/white.)

Step 4 - Sew two 1½” sub cut patches to each other with the purple squares opposite each other. Be sure to match the center seam to complete the small four patch unit.

Complete 8 small four patch units.

Step 5 - To complete a four patch block, sew row one. Half square triangle, small four patch unit.

Step 6 - Sew row two. Small four patch unit, half square triangle.

Step 7 - Sew the rows together to complete the jewel box four patch block.Complete 4 of the four patch blocks.

Step 8 - Sew the four completed patches together as shown in the picture to complete the finished jewel box quilt block.

Now that was easy, right?

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